Preventing Burnout

Young adult ministry is rewarding, but can be laborious. Becky Eldredge shares some tips for preventing young adults in your ministry from burning out …

  •      Leadership for the young adult ministry program needs to be a team of leaders and not just one person. This creates a team of support that can dream, implement, and evaluate the program.
  •      Provide people to help support your leadership team. They do not have to be involved in the implementation of the young adult ministry program; rather, they are simply people who can be present to the young adults on the leadership team. Examples would be lay ministers who have experience with ministry in the church, priests, parish staff members, and religious brothers and sisters.
  •      Provide opportunities for your team to recharge. Perhaps offer a day or morning of reflection. Encourage your team members to go on a retreat themselves or meet with a spiritual director.
  •      Provide resources for your team members, especially in terms of funding. Help your team feel valued by helping them secure funding from the parish.

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