Hanging Out

According to Amy McEntee, wherever the young adults are hanging out, the church should be there, too. Finding the hangout spots of young adults in your parish and wider community is important to reaching out and spreading the message of your young adult ministry:

Where are young adults hanging out? First, consider this within your parish. Is there one Mass that tends to draw a young adult crowd? Next, consider where young adults hang out in your area. Are there bars or coffee shops that seem to be teeming with 20-somethings? It’s important to know where the young adults hang out so you know where to find them. An important part of ministry to young adults is meeting them where they are, and that includes physically. The evangelizing mission of our Church requires that we engage in the world, so where the young adults are is where we should be also.

You’ll find more tips about seeking out young adults in the Essentials section of Young Adult Ministry in a Box.