Find Leaders of All Ages

One of Becky Eldredge’s  principles of leadership in young adult ministry: Find Young Adult and Older Adult Leaders:

Young Adult Leaders: Who do I look for?

·      Young adults who possess the qualities of openness, ability to empower others, ability to communicate in both written and verbal word, and the ability to lead.

·      Young adults who are involved in other organizations, groups, or ministries where young adults are already present. These young adults have a larger circle of influence of their peers to invite to participate in young adult ministry.

·      Young adults who express an interest in starting a ministry with their peers.

Older Adult Leaders: Who do I look for?

·      Older adults who have a heart and passion for young adults.

·      Older adults who are willing to be intentional about their mentorship to young adults.

·      Older adults who understand and respect that young adults CAN lead, and who are also willing to embrace the idea that young adult ministry is always to and with young adults.

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