Packable Feasts

Description: Gather young adults together to create a packable feast they will share with others.

Get Ready

  • Prep Time: You will need to begin planning several weeks in advance to secure a location for the event and collect supply donations. Also, plan for an hour or so of set-up on the day of the event.
  • Volunteers Needed: One or two people can help collect donations and set up on the event day.
  • Supplies:
    • 40 large clear Ziploc-type bags that can be used for the items
    • 40 small bottles of water
    • 80 granola bars or bags of trail mix
    • 40 pairs of clean socks
    • Enough toiletries to fill the bags (hotel-sized shampoo and soap bottles)
    • 40 toothbrushes
    • 40 small packages of toothpaste
    • 40 pamphlets from Catholic Charities regarding services in the diocese or pamphlets from a local social service agency that helps the homeless
    • Nametags and markers to use on the day of the event
  • Reserve the Space: The space used can be someone’s home if they are comfortable opening up their home to the group. A small meeting room at the church can also be used to stuff and fill the bags.
  • Ideal Group Size: Anywhere from eight to 12 people. If this project is used for a larger group, it is possible to add the number of supplies and organizers needed.
  • Who is this for? The event is for young adults, young married couples, or even young families. If young children participate, give them easy responsibilities while bag stuffing.
  • When is a good time for this? A weekend morning.
  • Publicize the Program:
    • This event should be shared in the parish bulletin and, if possible, during announcements on Sunday morning.
    • Share the details on a Facebook page for the parish and for the young adult ministry. Also, try to post the event to Twitter or Instagram accounts if those exist for the parish or young adult ministry.
    • If the ministry has a few core members, ask them to personally invite one other person to help with the project. This project is a good way to introduce some young adults outside the parish to what is going on at your parish and meet people along the way.

Prayer for Program Planner: Good and Gracious God, thank you for the many blessings in my life. Guide my heart and hands to help and serve others in need today and always. Amen.

Community Building: This group activity can help those involved in young adult ministry feel invested in their immediate community by creating the “feast for others” — for those they may pass on their way to work or see in front of stores asking for extra change. It can also help some young adults see the importance of daily prayer in the midst of people around them.