St. Josemaría Escrivá

Saint Josemaría Escrivá (Feast Day: June 26) was born in 1902 in Spain, he was the second of six children and the first of two sons. He was ordained as a priest just before his 23rd birthday. He is best known for founding Opus Dei, an organization for both laypeople and priests, which teaches that the ordinary can lead to sanctity. His best known book, “The Way,” is a compilation of 999 notes and teachings regarding his thoughts on sanctity and the gospels. It is known for its succinct clarity and easy applicability to one’s daily life.  

Don’t wait until you are old to start becoming a saint. Begin right now. Cheerfully and joyfully, by fulfilling the duties of your work and of your everyday life. –Saint Josemaría Escrivá

Questions for Reflection:

  • What can you do now to cheerfully and joyfully fulfill the duties of your everyday life?
  • How can you build a community of friends who will help you grow in your faith? How will this community help bring you closer to God?