St. Gerard

Even though St. Gerard grew up poor in Muro, Italy, he split his earnings between his mother and those in need. He was close with the peasants and joined the Redemptorist community, working many different jobs including cooking, tailoring, and gardening. At 27, he was accused of having relations (sex) with a young woman. When confronted, Gerard remained silent, and the girl later recanted her story, clearing his name. He is the patron saint of childbirth because he once gave a handkerchief to a girl telling her she would need it one day. During a difficult and risky labor, she held the handkerchief, the pain disappeared, and she gave birth to a healthy child. He is also the patron of falsely accused people, and his feast day is October 16.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Have you ever falsely accused or been falsely accused of doing something? How did you handle it?

  • Have you ever been given a gift that comforted you during a hard time?