Saint Clare of Assisi

Born into a noble family, St. Clare (Feast Day August 11) was expected to marry well. After being inspired by one of St. Francis of Assisi’s speeches, she said goodbye to her family and gave up her wealth to become a nun, running away at the age of 18. St. Clare is known to have approached trespassers with the Blessed Sacrament while her convent was under attack, and her enemies were said to have miraculously fled the scene. When she was very ill, she said she could envision the Mass being celebrated from her own bedroom. With guidance from St. Francis, Clare started her own order of sisters and was the abbess for Francis’ San Damiano religious order.

Questions for Reflection: 

  • How can you look to the Eucharist in times of trouble?
  • What is God calling you to do? How may it differ from what is expected of you?