Summer of Service

There are still about about two months (officially) of summer left! Encourage young adults to make what’s left of summer a time of service to others. You might plan to do something as a group or share some of these tips with young adults. As some young adults head back to school or possibly pack for a move to a new job, they might be particularly interested in #1 — sorting through clothes that they don’t want (or that don’t fit!) and giving them to someone who could use them. As school starts up in different parts of the country, after-school programs will be looking for volunteer tutors! This would be a fun group activity or you might know some individuals in your group who would be a big help to students struggling with math (engineers, computer science geeks) or writing (editors, fundraisers). Try to personalize your suggestions to your young adult group based on what you know about them. Bottom line — encourage young adults to take time not only for themselves this summer, but to make time to help others.