Winter Blues

Let’s face it: It’s cold outside! For all of you in sunny Florida, California, etc., well — good for you! The rest of the United States is freezing with many parts under a substantial amount of snow.

The winter months — especially when experienced in colder temperatures — seem to drag on. We go into hibernation mode. The pace of events and happenings in our lives might slow down. There can be spiritual blessings in all of this. Busted Halo’s Matt Litton takes a look at the lessons we might learn from the winter months in this essay.

And if you’re really just sick and tired of the cold and snow, here’s a list of ways to achieve a sunny state of mind, even if you don’t live in a sunshine state.

Share these articles with young adults and talk about the changing seasons:

  • What’s your favorite season of the year? Why? What activities do you enjoy?
  • Did any of Matt Litton’s ideas about spiritual lessons from the winter months (embracing the great pause, embracing our sense of wonder, reminders to move past sin and failure) resonate with you? What do you enjoy about the winter?
  • How do the changing seasons connect with your spiritual life?
  • What suggestions (or practices) do you have for fighting the winter blues?