Praying for Syria

Over the weekend, Pope Francis called Catholics, Christians, people of other faiths, and all people of good will (read: EVERYONE) to a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria, the Middle East, and around the world. This week, Congress will likely debate and vote on a resolution for military intervention in Syria after the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people. As The Syrian civil war and the world’s response to the violence continues to be in the news, talk with young adults about their feelings on what’s going on. Share this article from Busted Halo‘s Michael O’Loughlin that looks at some of the tough questions we wrestle with when addressing the violence in Syria. (It might also be helpful to share this primer on the situation in Syria to bring everyone up to speed on what’s been going on there.) Here are some discussion questions:

  • What questions or wonderings do you have about the Church’s opposition to military action in Syria? What’s your response to the Church’s call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict?
  • How do you feel about what’s happening in Syria?
  • If you participated in Pope Francis’ day of prayer and fasting for peace, what effect did that experience of prayer and fasting have on you? How did the prayer and fasting change you or your outlook on the situation in Syria?