Noah Makes a Splash

The new film Noah has made some waves (excuse the pun) at the box office (#1 its opening weekend) and with Christians and people of other faiths. The story is not new to us — but its presentation on the big screen might not be exactly what we pictured in our minds. Have you seen the movie? Consider gathering a group of young adults to see it together. You can use the discussion questions in this Busted Halo® review to talk about the film. The article also includes some links to helpful Q/As about the biblical story of Noah and the Catholic understanding of its origins. This On Point podcast on Noah features input from two theologians who dig into the biblical story and the director’s intentions for the film. Whether you see the movie or not — take a listen to the podcast or check out the Busted Halo® review, then have a conversation about the ways scripture is interpreted and presented in popular culture today:

  • What are some examples of ways you’ve seen scripture or biblical characters portrayed in popular culture today (TV, movies, music, books, etc.)? What have you thought of these portrayals?
  • What lessons do you take away from the biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood?
  • What parallels do you see between the flood and the world today, particularly in regard to our relationship with the environment, each other, and God?