Heroes Based in Reality

There are summer superhero movies galore! One has really caught our attention for its portrayal of a flawed, ordinary guy playing the leading role. As Busted Halo’s Louis Sullivan says of “Ant-Man,” “Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, is an ex-con recently released from San Quentin and looking for work so that he can continue to pay child support and reconnect with his daughter and ex-wife … In short, Lang’s no Superman, but he’s doing his best. Sometimes, though, even doing one’s best just isn’t enough.”

Ant-Man isn’t the typical superhero, in size or in storyline, but he’s a hero nonetheless. Share this article with young adults and talk about the heroes they encounter in their everyday lives, and how even they can be heroes in another person’s eyes.

  • What makes someone a hero in your eyes?
  • Who are your favorite heroes from movies, literature, or the Bible?
  • What heroes can you identify in your everyday life and interactions? What heroic qualities do these people have?