God in Space

Last week Voyager 1, a NASA spacecraft launched in 1977, was the first such vessel to exit the solar system and explore a world yet unseen. “This is historic stuff, a bit like the first exploration of Earth, and we had to look at the data very, very carefully,” said Edward C. Stone, 77, NASA’s top Voyager expert, who has been working on the project since 1972. What’s out there? Messages sent back from Voyager 1 will help us figure that out. Is God out there? You betcha. Our Creator God knows the origins and hidden secrets of the universe – including the parts we haven’t seen. Share this article about Voyager 1 and this Q/A article about life on other planets from Busted Halo’s® Summer School for discussion:

  • What questions or wonderings do you have about space or life on other planets?
  • How does your belief in God relate to these wonderings?
  • What parts of creation help you connect with God?