Give Thanks, Give Back

With Thanksgiving this week, it is important to remember those who are in need. A trio of YouTube pranksters remembered this and demonstrated the art of giving. The three men used their friend’s restaurant to churn out 30 pizzas, which they distributed to the homeless and people in need around town. So as we prepare for our holiday feasts let’s remember to not only give thanks, but also give to people who need our help. Share this article with young adults and watch the video together. Then ask them the following questions about giving back:

  • What are your thoughts on the video?
  • Why is it important, especially during the holiday season, to give to people in need?
  • Who sets an example for giving back in your community? How might you follow their lead during the upcoming Christmas season?
  • What ministries or nonprofit organizations might you reach out to and ask how you can help with what they are already doing?