A Look at Peace

Religious persecution and intolerance are happening around the world. One writer at the website PolicyMic gathered photos of what religious peace and understanding could look like. Share this article and photos with young adults and have a conversation about religious tolerance:

  • What did you think of these images? Did any of the stand out to you?
  • Can you recall images you’ve seen in the news that convey the idea of religious tolerance and understanding?
  • The author says that “Forgiveness, compassion and peace (yes, I am absolutely serious) are more than universal values or world ideals. They’re security solutions.” Do you agree with her statement? What specific acts of forgiveness, compassion, and peacemaking can you call to mind that have provided solutions to some of the world’s problems?
  • What examples of interfaith cooperation have you been a part of or seen in your own community? What are additional opportunities for such cooperation and how might your young adult group get involved?