Young Adults: Your Local Experts

Jessica Coblentz suggests creative ways to use young adults as outreach experts. Utilizing the skills of young adults who are already a part of your community will greatly showcase their leadership abilities:

Maybe you’re reading this because you are a young adult that has volunteered to get something going for your peers. Perhaps you’re a parish staff member that would like to see a stronger outreach to the young adults in your church. Either way, the young adults you hope to reach should serve as your experts. Every local young adult group is unique. Young adults in your community may respond best to online communication, while others will answer to personal invitations, and still others paper bulletin announcements. Sit down with one or two other young adults from your community — or create an entire team representative of the different groups you want to reach — to focus on building a promotional strategy for your ministry. If you have already put together a leadership team, this is an ideal task for that group.

You’ll find other tips for promotion and outreach in the Essentials section of Young Adult Ministry in a Box.