Avoid One Size Fits All

Young adults come from many different backgrounds, meaning they have many different needs and expectations for young adult ministry. When working with a diverse group of young adults it is important to be flexible and adjust to these challenges and opportunities. Here’s some insight from Young Adult Ministry in a Box expert Paul Jarzembowski:

Today, the young adult age range includes two generations: Generation X born 1963 to 1980, and the Millennial Generation born 1980 to 1995. Within these groups, there is great diversity in regards to career, lifestyle, education, church experiences, ethnicity, and culture. Authors, sociologists, and church leaders have also categorized young adults’ approach to religion and spirituality. This diversity (whether spiritual, cultural, or lifestyle) is a challenge. Avoid a one size fits all mentality when it comes to programming and outreach for young adults and keep in mind that not all young adults from ages 18 to 39 will respond to the same kinds of things. This has always been the case, but because of the increased diversity among the young adults of the 21st century, it is even more amplified.

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