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Local Young Adult Pilgrimage

By | Fall | Posted on August 4, 2014

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Local Young Adult Pilgrimage “Girl on Tracks” image by Barta IV licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 2.0”

Description: In a local pilgrimage, a group of young adults travels to a site of religious significance and prays together along the way.

Get Ready

  • Prep Time: Invitations should go out a month or so in advance of the pilgrimage. A reminder should be sent a few days in advance. You will need to be ready to gather and welcome participants about a half hour before departure.
  • Volunteers Needed: One volunteer to organize the activity and a few others willing to drive (depending on how many young adults participate).
  • Supplies: A few copies of the attached prayer to start the pilgrimage. You will also need directions to your destination. It is a good idea to include prayer guides for the meditative prayer suggested for the car trip (the rosary, litany, etc.).
  • Reserve the Space: No reserved space is needed, but you should verify in advance that your intended destination is accessible on the day you wish to go on the pilgrimage.
  • Ideal Group Size: 4 to 50.
  • Who is this for? All young adults.
  • When is a good time for this? A weekend day.
  • Publicize the Program:
    • Promote with invitations in the parish bulletin, as well as on social media.
    • You might want to join with another young adult group in your community for this pilgrimage, so share the news with their networks as well.

Prayer for Program Planner: Lord, we pray that we may grow in faith as we journey on this pilgrimage. Please be with us, keep us safe, and helps us show your love to those we encounter along the way. Amen.

Community Building: The act of travel is a unique fellowship opportunity that offers many fruits in community building. Acting as companions to each other on a brief journey of faith allows us to support one another as young adults, as well as share a little about our own faith journey. Experiencing and praying together fosters a bond in ministry and highlights the peer ministry aspect of young adult ministry.

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