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Dish with the Bish (Or Other Distinguished Guest)

By | Fall | Posted on September 7, 2012

Dish with the Bish (Or Other Distinguished Guest)

Description: This program is a potluck and Q&A designed to create an environment where young adults feel comfortable asking (and getting answers to) their biggest questions about God and the Church.

Get Ready

  • Prep Time: This event must be planned several months in advance to ensure the availability of the bishop or other distinguished guest. Actual preparation requires a couple of hours for securing a speaker, reserving an appropriate space, creating marketing materials and purchasing any necessary supplies.
  • Volunteers Needed: Volunteers are needed in advance for publicity. The evening of the event, it is helpful to have volunteers available to greet and provide instructions to participants, to serve as an emcee for the evening, and to help with set up and clean up.
  • Ideal Group Size: 30-100
  • Ideal Time for this Event: Midweek evening or Sunday after Mass
  • Who is this for? All young adults can enjoy this event!
  • Supplies Needed: Marketing materials, sound system for speaker, place settings/paper products (if not having participants bring their own), paper/pens for questions (if you have moderated questions). You may want to provide additional food, if you are uncertain there will be enough.
  • Reserve the Space: The space needs to be large enough to have space to put out the food and allow participants to comfortably eat. Ideally, it would also have access to a kitchen. We host dinner in our lounge and the Q&A in our chapel.
  • Publicize the Program:
    • Create a great poster to generate buzz. (Click here to see an example)
    • Place posters around campus and where young adults hang out.
    • Be sure the event is included in monthly event announcements on campus or in your parish.
    • Ask your pastor or another person who preaches at Mass to mention the program during a homily.
    • Use e-mail and social media (Facebook and Twitter) to invite young adults to participate. Post an announcement about this on your parish/organization website, too.

Prayer for Program Planner: Lord, help me to get out of the way and let You do what You will through this gathering!

Community Building: In our campus setting, we invite all the clubs and get each club leader to “seed” the dishing with their questions up front. We ask them ahead of time, prep them, and check so we are not stuck with “What does a bishop eat for breakfast?” As entertaining as that might be, it does not get at the meat of things! We also invite the campus ministries and local young adult groups to come and have had ecumenical visitors too!

Note: We follow the Comprehensive Campus Ministry model from the Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry Association ( and this event fulfills mandates from quite a few of their “pieces of the pie-graph” like encouraging vocations, building unity among student groups, raising up leaders, and inviting students to take ownership of their faith (they do ask the bishop hard questions).

About the Author

Maureen Wicken

Maureen Wicken is currently on leave from St. Mark's College, the Catholic Theological College at the University of British Columbia, where she has been coordinating the campus ministry team and programming since July 2008. With her background in religious education, parish work in RCIA, and liturgical catechesis, Maureen feels energized and excited about engaging students in a conversation about faith and reason while inviting them to a growing, active, and mature faith. Maureen also serves as the western regional representative and vice-chair of the board of the Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry Association and is the coordinator of continuing education for St. Mark's College. Maureen leads a women's discussion group that takes on the challenges of being a woman of faith on a secular campus, one conversation at a time.